My Top 10 Kit Essentials

Charlotte Moore

Being a makeup artist, its important to keep up to date with the latest hair and makeup trends and of course there are always new and innovative products released constantly each season to go with this. As much as I love a great new product to try…. and ultimately fall in love with to add to my own makeup bag let alone my kit! There will always be the faithfulls that I can count on each time. Here is a collection of my top 10 all time favourite products that I simply cant live without. Whether im creating a subtle minamalistic look or full on glamour, here are my key pieces.



PERRICONE MD Micellar Cleansing Treatment

This is probably one of the newest additions to my kit, iv been using it for about two years now but it has certainly become a staple product for me. This unusually coloured micellar water (the blue plasma) isnt just a cleanser but a fantastic prep for your skin before treatment and moisturiser. Its quite a thick texture so you can apply using fingers, by simply pouring a small amount onto fingers and press into the skin, or, like me if you prefer to use cotton pads, just simply soak two pads and sweep over face and neck where your skin will feel instantly soothed, hydrated and perfectly cleansed. I wouldnt advise to use this as your main cleanser if you wear heavy makeup like myself, but to use it in your routine as a double cleanse. I personally use an oil to start with then sweep the micellar water over afterwards to make sure iv removed every last bit of makeup. However if you are more of a ‘natural’ makeup wearer this would be suitable for you to use alone. When using this on my clients I always start off the routine with this as its a great skin refresher, it will absorb the moisturiser I apply afterwards much better plus I know for sure my client has no makeup on whatsoever before I begin 😉 .


FENTY BEAUTY Pro’ Filter Primer

I discovered this beauty when I did the official Uk launch in Harvey Nichols Birmingham back in 2017 and its been in my kit ever since. I have tried numerous primers over the years but this one has remained for the last 3 years. The texture is’nt that awful silicone feel like you get with most other primers (which if you could guess, I hate) its feels velvetly when applied but doesnt leave a ‘film’ on the skin so it doesnt change the foundation texture that I have put on my client. I have tried this on a number of clients between an age range of 21-60 years and each time the makeup has gone on and remained flawless. Thats not to say that the previous primer I used in my kit was no good, I was using Shiseidos ‘Refining Makeup primer’ which is quite luxurious and certainly did the job. However the Pro’ Filter Primer is at a better price point and I personally find the pump feature a lot more beneficial as its quicker and easier to measure out as you only need a maximum of two pumps for a full face I have found.



MAC Strobe Cream in ‘Pink Lite’ –
Absoutley gorgeous for face and body! I pretty much think this is a staple product for most artists and makeup lovers alike. With its lightweight texture and beautiful subtle glow, this is a multi purpose product can be used as a base, mixed in with foundation or used over the top of foundation. I personally use it as a base on EVERY client but just on the heights of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, a sweep accross the forehead then a little on the chin and blend it out. Unless my clients wanting a really dewy look then I would apply all over. but I just absolutely adore the finish and the look of this product. I need to try the other shades I know but I do feel the pink lite is complemenatry on all skintones.




This is the holy grail in my kit for ALL eye makeup application. The reviews really are a true reflection of the product, and the key word? PAT PAT PAT! Building the product up doesnt mean you get a ‘cakey’ eye base which initially is something I feared may happen, but instead it just creates a smooth and flawless, crease free base and it really intensifies the colours you apply. I bought the full array of colours that P. Louise offers as I got it as a bundle and numbers 1,2 and 4 are the most popular ones I use but they have still lasted me a long time as less is more with this thick consistantsy, a true gem for my kit.




LAURA MERCIER Secret Brightening Powder
Does exactly what it says on the tin. This little pot of magic is absolutely beautiful it is so finely milled there is no fear of it ever caking up and its got a lovely but very subtle shimmer to it, but dont worry you wont look ‘shiny’ or ‘sparkly’ on the under eyes. It simply gives the undereye area a brighter, more fresh appearance.






LAURA MERCIER Highlighters
I have been using their highlighters for the last 8 years and I never get bored of them! I have tried so many highlighters (im a sucker for all that sparkles) but I always go back to Laura Mercier’s. I always buy their trio which comes out each christmas as it is more handy to work from a pallete I find, plus it always has the colour ‘Flirtation’ which the don’t sell seperately, its a beautiful pearlised pinky/purple which is amazing on a pale skin tone for the face or on the inner corners of the eyes on all other skin tones. The formular glides on beautifully it doesnt have that talcy feel of start to flake if you wish to build it up on the skin.




NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
My go to foundation for brides and anyone who wants a beautiful, natural soft glow. This is a buildable foundation but just one layer is honestly enough and is impressive with the coverage. The soft glow makes the skin look more refreshed and smoother and is suitable for men and women of all ages. With a great colour selection too, they have recently added even more shades I believe there are now 40 to choose from. Thats something thats important for me as I do love mixing my products but it is great to have popular shades that you know will suite different skin tones. No spf, parabens, alcohol or fragrance in this foundation which is perfect and it photographs beautifully hence why its always my go to for brides.




Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
This little pot has been in my kit sincethe start and no other eyeliner has topped her since (believe me ive tried them all!). Granted, it isnt the jet black that we mainly desire however, it has fantastic longevity and with its creamy formula gives you time to create the desired shape you want without drying too quickly, but once its dry it stays in place. Sometimes I just press a little black eyeshadow (ususally the MORPHE one) over the top if my client wants their liner ultra dark and it works a treat. You can use this in the waterline too, even if you have quite watery eyes like myself then yes of course it will move but you don’t get the awful ‘panda eyes’ running underneath which totally ruins your look, I find it just simply runs to the corners of my eyes and I can easily get a cotton bud and wipe it away. My favourite brush to use to get the most precise line and wing is the Laura Mercier ‘Fine Point Eyeliner’ brush, its nice and slim and again ive had it for years and its kept its shape very well.


MAC Brushes 219 and 217 –

Because I couldnt just pick one but I had to narrow it right down to two. Good quality brushes are absolutley essential you cant skimp on the quality and expect them to work. I have a list as long as my arm of brushes that I absolutely love but Im going to do a whole blog post just on brushes but my heart would skip a beat if I was to do a full eye makeup look without these two so these are my essential brushes for eyes. Iv had these ever since I qualified from ‘The School Of Makeup’ 10 years ago so you can imagine they have been through the mill but as you can see from the image they are both still in good condition, even though they look a little tired they still do the job. The 217 is a blending brush but I use it to pack on the colour, blend it out I use it to apply highlighter to make it more concentrated on the height of cheekbones or to sweep across the brow bone etc. The density of the brush is really what makes it so great to work with and makes it effortless in my opinion. The 219 is a very small headed tapered brush which again is nice and dense but it is more for definition.



GHD Curl and Hold Spray
The best spray iv ever found that really does hold those curls! It is infact and heat protect spray but its combined with a technology which acts as a ‘memory foam’ for the hair so when its curled it helps to create more bouncy and longer lasting curls. Its a fantastic two in one product to protect and style and honestly it smells divine! Again ive tried and tested many heat protect sprays over the years but I do find some weigh down the hair, nothing compares to the Ghd one.



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